Romania IT market intel for scaling up effortlessly,
2022 - 2023

Find out all about the talent structure, comp & ben and employment behaviour of the Romanian IT talent market.

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Talent map & talent structures for the most important roles

Salary structures and estimated salary increase for 3 years

Employment behaviour, including remote, PFA/SRL


6 tech hubs & 7 growing cities in terms of talent pool

What you learn
from this report

  • What is the structure of the market in terms of the most important skills
  • Who are the main competitors for talent in each of the seven IT hubs
  • What are the salary structures and most offered benefits
  • What is the expected work from home period once Covid restrictions are over
  • How many ITP (information technology professionals) work on alternate forms and what is the attractiveness of these forms
  • What is the attrition in the industry and main reasons for leaving employers
  • What criteria qualifies an attractive employer
  • Where is the general employment behaviour and what do you need to do to attract talent in Romania

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